Widgets package

The widgets package makes it easy to integrate cede.store into your dApps. You can easily find it on npm: @cedelabs/widgets-universal (opens in a new tab).


npm install @cedelabs/widgets-universal

Send widget

The cede.store send widget is a fully functional component for seamless CEX to blockchain transfers that can be integrated into your website in 2 minutes. This widget allows your dApp to interact directly with cede.store browser extension to initiate withdrawal transactions from CEX.


  • A ready-to-use, fully designed component with a friendly Web3 UI/UX
  • More than 10 CEX, 450 networks, and 3000 tokens can be accessed through the widget
  • A 100% non-custodial transaction flow (client-side key storage/transaction signature)
  • Let your user directly fast onboard on your dApp
  • The widget supports all the logic with cede.store browser extension
  • A customizable UI to match your dApp theme