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Custom methods

Coming soon!

There may be cases where you want to call specific centralized exchange endpoints that our API does not cover. For these cases, we've built a custom method. You just need to provide all the endpoint-specific data, and we'll handle user approval, signature, and exchange communication.

To call any endpoint on a centralized exchange supported by, you need to provide the following information:

  • method: custom
  • params:
  method: string, // The HTTP request method (e.g. "GET")
  exchange: string, // One of the exchanges supported by (e.g. "coinbase")
  path: string, // The request path (e.g. "/v1/tickers")
  queryParams: object, // request query parameters (e.g. { symbol: "BTC/USDT" })
  body: object // The request body (e.g. { address: "0x6cc8dcbca746a6e4fdefb98e1d0df903b156fd21" })

If your request doesn't require a body or query parameters, these properties can be omitted.

In this example, we demonstrate how to stake an asset on the Kraken exchange using the custom method. The response will include the reference ID for the staking operation if it was successful.

await window.cede.request({
  method: "custom",
  params: {
    method: "POST",
    exchange: "kraken",
    path: "/0/private/Stake",
    body: {
      "nonce": str(int(1000*time.time())),
      "asset": "XXBT",
      "amount": 0.1,
      "method": "staked-xbt"

This feature is coming soon.