Cede Ballpit

The Cede Ballpit is a sandbox application designed to facilitate comprehensive testing of's functionalities.

The primary use case is to test the integration of into your application and to simplify the invocation of the methods available through our provider.


The Ballpit application inputs expect JSON, so don't forget to surround your strings with double quotes.

The Ballpit also integrates our providers package. This integration empowers the application to display a modal on-screen when attempting to connect to in cases where the extension is unavailable within the browser. This ensures a smooth and transparent experience for users, even when the necessary extensions are not present.

While Cede Ballpit is a tool for exploring and experimenting with's capabilities, users are advised to exercise caution when utilizing the application.


Actions performed within the Ballpit can have tangible consequences. We encourage users to use the Demo Vault for testing purposes.

This tool is available at (opens in a new tab).