Use Cases
KYC - (WIP 🏗️)

THIS FEATURE IS CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT - It will be available when this message is removed.

Verify the KYC through provides a simple way to verify the KYC status of a user. This guide will show you how to integrate the KYC verification feature in your dApp.

We assume that if the user can fetch balances and a deposit address, they have already completed the KYC process.


Estimated feature integration time: ~1 hours*


The following steps are required. If you haven't done so already, please follow the steps in the prerequisites guide:

  • Implement logic for extension detection and connection
  • Implement logic for vaults & accounts selection
  • Subscribe to events
  1. Call the verifyKYC method from our Provider API:
const KYCVerification = await provider.request({
  method: "verifyKYC",
  params: {
    accountId: "kraken-125805-530845-212023-888168",
    tokenSymbol: "BTC", // Optional, default is "BTC"
    network: "bitcoin", // Optional, default is "bitcoin"